Fund for Glasnost Protection offers to organize a referendum as for broadcasting on TV-6 channel

A provisional list of participants of the tender for broadcasting on the sixth channel has been published. RIA Novosti informs, the following companies have already told about the intention to participate in the tender: TV-6, Ltd.; Author’s television and decimetric sports channel 7TV. Besides, Russia’s Olympic Committee and members of the ex-team of the TV-6 television (who gave up Yevgeny Kiselev) headed by Mikhail Ponomarev, the ex-editor of the TV-6 information service (he holds the position of VKT television director general now) will probably also take part in the tender. By the way, LUKOIL may join the team of Ponomarev. The company’s representatives are searching for “a financial and creative component” now. The tender is scheduled for March 27, applications for participation in the tender can be handed in till March 6.

Earlier Vice-premier Valentina Matvienko told, the government would probably consider “the possibility of a federal sports channel creation”. If the decision is approved, and certainly, if the tender is a success, a new federal sports TV channel can be created on the basis of the 7TV channel (or with the Olympic committee’s participation). The main objective of the channel’s broadcasting then is to assist in the development of sports and physical training in Russia. The channel can be maintained by target programs. President Putin has already supported the idea. But then a question arises, if it will be interesting for a majority of the Russians to watch sports all the day round. But certainly, the idea is noble.

In any case, Russia’s Minister for Press and Information Mikhail Lesin says, it is of no use to give any forecasts two months before the tender. Unfortunately, the money will finally settle the case, as usual.

The Russian Fund for Glasnost Protection asks the licensing commission in the Ministry for Press and Information to take account of the public opinion as for broadcasting on the sixth TV channel. The Fund asked Influential sociological services (ROMIR and All-Russia center for public opinion research) to hold a poll on the subject: “Which candidate is to be preferred for granting a license for broadcasting on TV-6 channel?” The Fund for Glasnost Protection has already started collection of signatures for the application to the commission. But, regarding the person who has initiated in idea, anything good can hardly be expected to come out of it. Another champion of glasnost, ex-chairman of the TV-6 board of directors Badri Patarkatsishvili, who is being searched now, has sent a letter to The New York Times. He says, in the attitude to the mass media Russia’s authorities follow the line of ex-president of Peru Alberto Fujimori. It is also said: “The Federal Security Bureau, the real power that stands behind the president, declared a war against NTV and TV-6 Russian TV companies for reports about the slaughter in Chechnya. That is why we, Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Gusinsky and me, Badri Patarkatsishvili, the owners of the independent mass media, are abroad now and threatened with extradition based on trumped-up charges.”

Well, it is another PR for Putin’s team.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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