Vasily Bubnov: What is Dick Cheney trying to hide?

The controversy around Enron is not fading. Several committees of the US Congress are officially investigating the reasons for the bankruptcy of the energy corporation. It seems that Bush’s administration should render all possible help to the probe, since it is denying any part in the activities of the bankrupt company; however, this is not the case.

Vice President Dick Cheney, who is also the head of the energy committee said that he would not give up to the committee the list of entrepreneurs who took part in the elaboration of the national energy policy. In an interview with Fox News on Sunday, Cheney stated: “I am totally against the GAO asking impossible things from us. Neither I, nor any other vice president, will agree to expose confidential conversations.” Just what were those confidential conversations about then? It is not hard to guess. Media outlets have already informed that the preliminary instructions of the energy committee recommended restricting the role of the state in the energy field. Kenneth Lay was the only supervisor of the private company who had had several meetings with the members of the committee, including meetings with Cheney.

However, Cheney's arguments did not convince the congressmen. The head of the General Accounting Office, David Walker, decided to sue the White House in connection with Cheney's refusal to present the information about the talks with the businessmen.

A possible litigation will be rather scandalous, for it is not every day when the higher authority of the legislative power sues the higher authority of the executive power. Therefore, George Bush's administration will have something to worry about, for the Democrats in Congress and in the Senate will do the best they can. There will probably be the question of Dick Cheney's impeachment raised.

For the time being, the scandal around Enron is not exerting any negative influence on the popularity of the American president. His image as a fighter against terrorism is a good cover. However, what is will happen next? A lot of interesting things are to follow, that’s for sure.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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