Dmitry Litvinovich: Truthful story about life of the female kamikadze

The Sunday act of terrorism in Jerusalem committed by a female kamikadze suggests rather sad reasons that made the young woman act like this.

The whole of Palestine praises now the heroic death of Wafa Idris, the young woman who has recently committed the act of terrorism. Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein promised to set up a monument in her honor.

The 28-year-old woman was divorced and had no children. After the death she became a heroine of her native place, whom the Palestinians admire and who is certainly a cause for their concern as well. The woman has been living in a refugee camp, where the family rented an apartment, for her whole life. The friends of Wafa Idris say, she was an ordinary young woman, not so much religious and diligent. She had left school and got married, but the family life was not a success. That is why the girl divorced her husband in a little while. Wafa Idris could not give birth to a baby, but this was not the girl’s only problem. To suppress the mental unbalance, the girl joined the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, a Mideast analogue of the International Red Cross. A friend of her, 28-year-old Mouna Abd Rabo says, the work in the society has completely destroyed her psychology. “Once Wafa Idris told, she had seen the Israeli army fire a Palestinian residential area and kill a man. She had to take away what was left of the man, and felt bad after that. Her words were then that she would like to revenge upon the Jews for that”, Mouna says.

The Society’s officials confirm, Wafa Idris was on the forefront of the battles between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli troops. A Red Crescent extraordinary coordinator says, the people who stay on the forefronts do suffer; some of them get depressed then, but nobody remains indifferent.

A 60-year-old mother of Idriss is proud of her daughter’s act: “She saw killed Palestinians, and that was what made her commit the act. I hope this was just a beginning.”

A sister of Idriss told: “Let them feel pain for the Palestinians, who are being killed here and there.”

Let us avoid any comments.

P.S. Israeli servicemen killed two Palestinian militants, who had laid an ambush for an autocade heading for Gush-Katif. The Palestinians blew up a landmine on the road and fired the autocade’s convoy. Nobody has shouldered the responsibility for the attack yet. Reuters agency informs, afterwards the Jewish settlement of Gush-Katif was bombarded. No information about victims has been reported yet. On the West Bank Israeli servicemen detained two Palestinians suspected of connection with the terror acts against the Israeli. A spokesman for the Israeli army told, one of the detained was a member of the Hamas extremist group.

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Translated by Maria Gousseva

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