Revisionists of the world held a unique forum in Moscow

On the eve of the World Economic Forum that is to open in New York soon, an international conference for global problems of the world history was held in the Moscow social humanitarian academy (January 26-27). The event remained practically unnoticed in Russia, despite the forum’s uniqueness and high-level organization. The international conference was organized by the founders of Barnes Review US magazine and Russian Civilization Encyclopaedia publishing house (Moscow). Scientist from Switzerland Jurgen Graf conducted sessions of the conference.

Scientists, writers and public figures from Russia, the USA, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Bulgaria came to the forum. The forum was unique because many famous revisionists took party in it. Revisionists are the people who cast doubts on some historical facts of the second world war (they have been unquestionable until now). First of all, it concerns the so-called Holocaust and the number of its victims.

Much can be spoken about every report of the forum’s participants. The reports of Russian historian Oleg Platonov “Globalization and Christianity”, of philosopher Alexander Zinoviyev “New globalization stage”, of American journalist Christopher Bollen “The Sept.11 events and the consequences” are to be noted among the most interesting reports. Special attention of the forum was also paid to a report of US journalist Michael Piper “Assassination of President Kennedy”, which revealed connection of the Israeli special service Mossad with the assassination; to a report of Jurgen Graf “Treblinka: a critical analysis of the official version”. After a special electromagnetic research of the mass burial places in the two concentration camps of Treblinka and Belsiz the version about a mass burial went to pieces: the research revealed that the ground was untouched there.

One of the forum’s participants told at the end, he could not understand why all researches of the revisionists caused only threats and curses from the Jews. Indeed, the researches demonstrate that millions of Jews were not killed, but are alive now.

Ex-ambassador of Yugoslavia to Russia Borislav Milosevic was expected to deliver a report at the conference, but the brother of Yugoslavia’s ex-president failed to come to the session because of illness.

Sergey Yugov On the materials of Russian Line Orthodox news agency

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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