Sergey Yugov: Anti-globalists will remain a group of dreamers

The adversaries of the economic globalization are holding their own forum in the Brazilian town of Porto Alegre, together with another forum of the opposite character – the World Economic Forum in New York. The anti-globalization forum is taking place for the second time. It was first conducted last year in the same town. The current forum reportedly gathered some 60 thousand anti-globalists from 130 countries of the world. They are all determined to start the largest action of protest against neo-liberalism. The major objective of the forum in Porto Alegre is to build the world, in which there would be no wars, but the true democracy.

The difference from the first conference in Porto Alegre is the fact that there are a lot of well known public figures, politicians, including the ex-president of Portugal, Mario Soares, the candidacies, running for presidency in France, the UN Supreme Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, the head of the World Labour Organization, Juan Somavia. The forum in Porto Alegre was opened with a solemn demonstration, in which about 30 thousand people were marching. The green colors of the columns symbolized the ideological direction of the anti-globalists’ meeting, who are basically personified with the left movements and different ecological organizations. ITAR-TASS informed, there had been no incidents in the streets registered yet.

All these conference are unfortunately limited to the words only, criticising the IMF, the World Bank, and so on and so forth – they are not discussing any of the most serious problems of our times.

One of the leaders of the Brazilian opposition said: “In New York they discuss how to save as much riches as possible, whereas we discuss how to distribute them.” The anti-globalists will remain a group of dreamers under the condition of the fact of segregation of the population of the planet: the leading countries and all the rest.

Globalization – the concentration of everything in the hands of the giant trans-national corporations – is the bitter fact of the modern times, which has already been done. It will be very hard to have something in opposition to it, maybe even impossible, especially after the break-up of the Soviet Union, which was playing the role of “the constraining factor,” as one of the Soviet columnists said.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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