The split in the Israeli army

There is a split in the Israeli army, which occupied the territory of the Palestinian autonomy, and it is not possible to conceal this fact from the press now.

Some reservist officers of the Israeli army filed a petition on their refusal to serve on the Palestinian territories, and were dismissed afterwards. There were 52 of such officers, who claimed that they were ready to protect Israel, but did not wish to participate in what they call the suppression of the Palestinians.

This is the most massive occasion of insubordination of the Israeli military men since the beginning of the current intifada (uprising). The head of the country’s army headquarters said it was a very serious problem. The officers do not talk to the international press, having a fear of being accused of the treason. But they tell their stories to the local newspapers, about the assaults on the Palestinian civilians, that the military command was aware of that, but was lying and concealing the information. “We became the officers, having the strong conviction, but we were turned into the soldiers that dealt with bloodshed and army crimes,” – one of the officers said.

None of the Western news agencies was seriously interested in the events, happening on the West Bank and in the Gaza strip. The media were actively discussing the acts of terrorism, blaming Arafat, but they were not reporting about the things the Israelis were doing. Why did the USA veto the decision, made by the UN Security Council to send the international observers to the zone of the conflict? Maybe the Israelis had something to hide?

I know I can be accused of the pro-Arabian sympathies and of the support to terrorists after this article, but I would like to be objective – that’s all. Everybody has red blood, the color of the skin does not matter. I am very sorry for the killed Jews, as well as for the Arabs, which were killed without guilt. Violence gives birth to violence only.

Getting back to the incident in the Israeli army, we can say that this was the provocation of the Palestinian special services, it was organized by Arafat. One may say that they were bribed by the special services of Saudi Arabia or Iran. One may say. One may also assume that they just took care of their own lives.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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