Daniel Pearl is a part of the game between India and Pakistan

Almost all media outlets informed, that an American journalist was kidnapped in Pakistan. Daniel Pearl from Wall Street Journal was seized by the unknown terrorists. They asked to release all Pakistan’s citizens in Guantanamo army base as the condition to release the reporter.

It is interesting that the government of Pakistan did not let that possibility out of its hands and used the incident with the American reporter in the contradiction with India. The press-secretary of the Pakistani president, general Rashid Qureshi stated that the fact of India’s connection to the incident had been determined: “Unfortunately, we have to declare that the thread of the crime originate from India. In this connection we are concerned that the recent acts of terrorism could also be organized with India’s assistance, its government or the special services.

Delhi reacted immediately, of course, having said that Qureshi's statement was ridiculous. This all led to the resumption of skirmish on the border between India and Pakistan.

Well, there is nothing surprising here, since the Pakistani authorities started searching for the Indian terrorists. Pakistan has recently prepared a list of the Indian terrorists to be delivered to them, including India's home minister. Now one may expect a message from India, saying the special services of Pakistan were involved in kidnapping Daniel Pearl. It seems like all the attempts of both India and Pakistan to settle the conflict lead to the only one thing – another escalation of tension.

We are very sorry for Mr. Pearl. He is not only a hostage, he has already become a figure in the game of the governments of the two countries. So we have to wish him courage and self-restrain.

Oleg Artyukov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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