USA to attack Iraq in May

Israeli military sources claim that Iraq is to be attacked in May.

The Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot quotes Israeli military sources as claiming that the United States of America is planning to attack Iraq in May. These sources claim that the Pentagon has been given the go-ahead to draw up attack plans in the second phase of the war against terrorism.

It is further stated that contact is being made with opposition forces inside and outside Iraq, with a view to setting up a new government after Saddam Hussein and his regime is overthrown.

Binyamin Eliezer, the Israeli Defence Minister, intends to request the USA to co-ordinate their attack with Israel, during his visit to the USA this week. Eliezer declared that this time the USA will not ask Israel to show restraint if there are any attacks on this country by Iraq.

There have been repeated rumours that an attack on Iraq is imminent, and the State of the Union speech by George Bush last week, calling this country a member of an “axis of evil”, did nothing to dispel the suspicion.

One thing is a war against terrorism. Another is interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign nations. The dividing line is extremely fine. The stupidity of Osama Bin Laden made it possible for the USA to go globe-trotting, removing regimes which it deems hostile and replacing them with sycophants, all in the name of a war against terrorism.

This war is legitimised by two countries, the USA and the UK, with the rest of the world looking passively on. Such a situation has even brought the wrath of the NATO Secretary-General, Lord Robertson, who claims that “even super-powers need allies and coalitions to supply bases, fuel, air space and forces”.


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