The briefcase of the killed scientist contained the unique, terrorist-searching methods

The latest piece of news connected with the investigation of Andrey Brushlinsky’s murder (Brushlinsky was the director of the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences) is dated January 31. The Office of the Moscow Public Prosecutor informed that day that the official version of his death was an armed attack, criminal proceedings were instituted on the basis of the murder, and that the criminals also stole documents from the victim. That was all.

In the meantime, the director of the institute for the psychological precautions against terrorism, Professor Viktor Fersht, released a sensational statement. He said that Brushlinsky did not fall the victim of the street robbers. The briefcase contained exclusive documents about the newest, reflexive method of searching for terrorists. The concept was developed at one of the labs of the mentioned institute, and professor Lepsky was in charge of that work.

Russkaya Linia (Russian Line) news agency reported that Brushlinsky received the documents two hours before he died. He was supposed to edit the concept at the conference “Psychology and Its Supplements.” The authors of the unique technology were publicly talking about their ideas.

As it was said, the point of the new method was the principle that allowed one find any criminal; various psychological reflections, processed by computers, make for the detection of a terrorist.

These new methods have already been sent to the Pentagon; a report on the subject was supposed to take place at the Russian-NATO seminar in a month. Professor Fersht wrote, “These methods are currently being developed at the Institute for Psychological Precautions together with the Russian Home Ministry.” Fersht offered to use these methods to find Brushlinsky’s killers.

Andrey Brushlinsky, 68 years old, was killed on the night of January 31 in the entrance of his building. He has worked at the institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences since 1972. The professor was basically studying the psychology of a person and human thinking.

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Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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