Twenty-four bodies of Kursk sub victims can not be found

The bodies of 24 submariners (out of 118) of the Kursk sub that sank in the Barents Sea in August of the year 2000, will never be found. There are no chances to find them. Ninety bodies have been identified and sent to the relatives to be buried, Vladimir Mulov, the military prosecutor of the North fleet advised today.

The men inside the sub stayed alive allegedly for about eight hours, but the sub was found only 13 hours after the explosion. ITAR-TASS news agency reported that the works in the lowest deck of the third compartment of the sub were still going on.

The chief of the investigation department of the Office of the Military Prosecutor, major-general Viktor Shein advised the latest information about the investigation of the Kursk death. It became known now, which torpedoes exploded, in which torpedo mechanism on board the sub. Shein said, that at least four torpedoes had blown up.

The Kursk submarine sank on August 12 of the year 2000 during the military exercise in the Barents sea. Even now the investigators do not rule out a possibility of the collision with a foreign submarine. There is more information to come – the explanation why the starboard of the sub was deformed.

Shein is inclined to think that the version about the collision is a wrong one. The independent military experts say that it was a foreign submarine (American or British) which became the reason why the Kursk went into the bottom of the sea. They say it goes about not an incidental collision, but about the real, premeditated attack.

Let us remember the secret phone conversation between the presidents of Russia and the USA, the head of the CIA came to Moscow all of a sudden. What about that mysterious foreign submarine, which had suspicious damages, which asked for an emergency stop in a Norwegian port?

The Kursk’s submariners reportedly left some notes, in which they wrote the real reasons of the tragedy, but their contents were classified as top secret immediately. The investigation is being cunning unfortunately. At the same time, if the reasons of the Kursk death became eventually known, then how would it affect the prestige of the country in the eyes of the world community?

A monument in honor of the those Russian submariners, who died on board the Kursk submarine, will be opened in the settlement of Vidayevo on August 12 of this year. The monument will look like a conning tower, damaged with explosion.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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