Our reader Veronica writes of her change of heart regarding the USA

Hi. My name is Veronica and Iґm from Finland. Iґm not that good at English, but Iґll really try my best. For 20 years i thought nothing but the best of USA. No my opinion has changed... I have to admit that Iґm really disappointed. Why have you started this war? Iґd really like to know. Innocent people is beeing killed every day and itґs just not right. What happened in New York was really frightening and horrible. The whole world felt sad about it...BUT Americans are not more worth than other people...itґs not right to do kill just to get "justice". What comes around...

I believe that many people in our world stands behind me when Iґm saying: Stop what youґre doing! Save lives instead!

The rest of the world doesnґt think so highly of you anymore.

(sorry about my bad language, but itґs really hard to express yourself on a foreign language...)

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