Dmirty Litvinovich: Somalia’s fate expects Yemen

US menace to settle scores with all international terrorist organizations and with their supporters is getting real shape. One of these days, US Department of State declared Somalia to be the anti-terrorist coalition next target. Yemen, one more country included into the "black list” of the US, seems to have learned a lesson from the situation around Somalia, so to avoid becoming the target number three, it decided to settle scores with its terrorists on its own. Today, in Yemen a wide-ranging operation started to annihilate Al-Qaeda and Islamic Jihad’s structures in the country. The operation is being carried out by units of an anti-terrorist special subdivision leaded Ahmed Ali, the president’s older son. The operation is simultaneously carried out in Marib, Al-Jauf, Shabva and Hadramaut provinces, where training camps and bases of the terrorists are supposed to be situated. Spiritual leader of Yemenite extremists is sheikh Abdelmajid Az-Zindani regarded by FBI as a very dangerous. He is the leader of the opposition Reform Party and of illegal organization Islamic Jihad, connected with Al-Qaeda. Meanwhile, Yemenite president Ali Salekh, while appearing in the capital’s main mosque this Wednesday, said Sana was carrying out negotiations with UN and Pakistani authorities about extradition of 400 to 500 citizens of this country, who were fighting for the Taliban on Afghan territory. Salekh also reported all educational institutions had been closed that propagated Islamic extremism. The state’s head noticed that one of his recent US visit’s aims was to agree about joint actions against the terrorists and to avoid US strikes on “nests” of militants from Aden-Abyan Islamic Army. Explosions of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in August of 1998, terrorist acts in Cowl US torpedo-boat destroyer in October of 2000, explosions in bars and cinemas of Amman belong to Yemen terrorists’ deeds. That were they, who captured 16 foreign tourists as hostages in Yemen and prepared terrorist acts against Western citizens in Sana and Aden. After the terrorist act in the US torpedo-boat destroyer, US Department of State declared Yemen to be a secure paradise for terrorists. The country’s leadership made certain conclusions. Though will that enough for Americans? Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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