Aria Atmar: Feel rather indignant at actions of Britain in Afghanistan

I am of Afghani origin, graduated from the Ukrainian Institute of International Relation in the Russian language in 1994, at the moment I study IT because my Russian education did not find a job for me in Australia.

I would like to express my point of view, that such deployment of foreign troops looks easy, but later it will cost blood and tears for the heroes of Hollywood, they should know it is not the Rambo II or Rambo III's movies.

Really, I do not know why Britain wants again to go back to Afghanistan, why they play the dirty games and they feel responsibility for other nations’ rights with the politics of smile and whip. They call themselves supporters of human right and equality, but they do not know what is happening with the problems of racism, with their refuges from other nations in their countries.

They should first of all find a solution for this sort of problems in their countries and colonies to equalize the human right , then later they have to go to Afghanistan to protect the right of Pushtuns. Who can answer the question that Najibullah himself was a Pushtun, but we do not know why did the Pakistani ISI killed him? Because Mr. Musharaf talks about rights of Pushtuns and he and his government oppress Afghans in Pakistan.

The answer is clear, they now know that Russians now started again thinking about their economy and national dignity and they want to put control in this region in order to generate problems for them.

I think so, Britain has forgotten about their father founders who have been three times kicked out from Afghanistan. This is true Mr. Karzai is himself a Pushtun, but it does not mean that he is the solution of problems. I think so this region is getting more dangerous and good luck for invaders and Mr Karzai. The situation looks as though Mr.Karzai does not know anything about history of his country. He should know that the invader can enter Afghanistan in every cloth with a purpose, but it will cost thousands of life.

Aria Atmar Australia

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