Christmas study: Germans laugh longest

After three months of studies, Professor Richard Wiseman of Laugh Lab was able to reveal that among the eleven nationalities tested, the Germans were the people who enjoyed jokes more, preferring puns.

The study ranked the Canadians in bottom place. One of the Germans’favourite jokes was: “Why is a television called a medium? Because it is neither rare nor well-done”. Maybe the Canadians have a point!

The French preferred lawyers’ jokes, such as “Hey, you are an expensive lawyer. If I pay you 500 USD, will you answer two questions?” Reply: “Yes. Now, what is the second question?”

The Swedes preferred jokes which produce yellow smiles: A man calls the hospital and says his wife is having her baby. The nurse asks if it is the first baby and the husband replies, “No, it’s her husband calling”.

As far as the sexes are concerned, the men prefer more aggressive jokes, according to the study, while women prefer references to sex.


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