Sergey Borisov: Another way to gain American citizenship

They believe in the USA that anything goes in the struggle with terrorism. One of the most efficient means of such a struggle is American citizenship and visas to the US. Sometimes, it takes years to be granted a visa to the United States. However, now, if you have some information to share with the American government regarding potential terrorists, you may count on a quicker visa-granting process, or the time during which you have to wait to get the American citizenship will be considerably cut. These are the plans currently being developed by the US Ministry for Justice. America has already used such methods before to encourage those who share needed information. However, noone has been awarded the status of American citizen in this way. Now, the US government intends to offer the S-type visa to those who will offer useful and truthful information about terrorists or their intentions. It is already called the “informer’s visa.” With this visa, you will be able to stay in American for three years. During this time, the holder of a S-visa can ask for permanent residence in the USA. Then, the desired American citizenship is not far off.

There are no doubts that this idea will raise a lot of controversy and dispute. The Christian Science Monitor newspaper published an article, the authors of which believe that the trading with the American citizenship is not worthy of a great nation and that it can bring more harm than good.

The new initiative is especially awkward against the background of the actions of the administration towards a lot of imigrants. The numerous “interviews,” which they have to go through, jealousy and even expulsion, prejudice the future of the United States as a multicultural co-existence of the people. The FBI can perfectly substitute the imigration service now. This department will determine to which extent the offered information is valuable and if it is good enough for the person to be given American citizenship in return. However, there are several questions: will the terrorists’ friends come to America with such a help from the US government - the friends, who did not share something? Will terrorists arrange something on purpose in order to “unveil” the grand secret later and get the American citizenship in the end?

The Ministry for Justice itself does not actually believe now there will be crowds of informers besieging the American embassies all over the world in order to arrange such a deal. However, those who stand in the long lines waiting for their citizenship know the USA's priority need now.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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