Jack Duggan: From Tora Bora to Bora Bora

It seems that our government has allowed ex-CIA agent Osama Bin Laden and over 3,000 of his Al Queda terrorist regulars to fly out of Afghanistan under the guise of evacuating Pakistani wounded. They are now laughing at us as they sun themselves in Somalia and Abu Dhabi, while our grunts are chasing their tails inside the caves of Tora Bora. It is reported that the Tora Bora cubbyholes never held more than 300 Al Queda fighters, instead of the thousands and thousands touted by our ‘intelligence’ agencies. The paltry 300 were sent there as a diversion for the rubes watching on CNN. By agreement, the U.S. stopped bombing the airport at Kunduz to allow the humanitarian evacuation of mostly wounded native Pakistani Taliban troops, so that they could return to their country in exchange for the cooperation we had received from Pakistan. While they were being airlifted out, several charter planes of Russian design landed and left at the same times, taking as many as 4,000 armed Al Queda terrorists out of Afghanistan, including Osama Bin Laden. Apparently, the evacuation lasted almost a week, starting around the third week of November. Our geniuses kept bombing and strafing Tora Bora for weeks, even though the enemy was never there, to make sure that our media got plenty of photo ops of the War on Terrorism making an impressive amount of smoke and noise. I bet many of you have seen the fantastic weapons our aircraft carry. They have special bombs that crater entire airport runways so that they are not usable without months of repairs. So, I ask you, how can it be that we have been "bombing" the airport at Konduz, yet allowed planes to land on its runways? Doesn’t bombing an airport make it useless? Yet, thousands of Taliban fighters from Pakistan and thousands more battle-hardened Al Queda terrorists escaped over several days during the "pauses in bombing" by the USA. Something doesn’t smell right. Yet it smells familiar; it smells like the Clinton administration telling us one thing while it did another. Iraqi intelligence has warned our State Department that if the U.S. captures Bin Laden and effectively ends the power of the Al Queda to ‘Be all you can be,’ it will cause such a huge Islamic fundamentalist backlash that riots will occur in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt that won’t stop until their leaders are deposed and replaced with fundamentalist mullahs that would make the Taliban seem glamorous. So, Osama and company are secretly evacuated to safer grounds while our President vows to ‘get him.’ It smells like the Bush administration telling us one thing while doing another. They chose to allow Bin Laden and his merry men to escape in the name of Muslim fundamentalist ‘stability,’ a new oxymoron. Speaking of morons, many American are still reacting to the new War On Terrorism with patriotic fervor, setting U.S. flags rippling on their car antennas, front porches and even their kids’ tricycles. It doesn’t matter to patriots that if any cop says they’re a suspected terrorist for yelling at a meter maid, they can be arrested and jailed without hearing the charges against them, without an attorney, without a phone call and without bail. Next, they can be tried by a secret court, convicted with secret evidence, then even executed in secret. They can disappear off the face of the earth, grabbed up by the new Gestapo, the USA P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act Secret Police, while families wonder who is now supposed to raise and lower the nine-foot America flag every night in front of the family home. It simply doesn’t matter that all Civil Rights have been trashed, because it’s the other guy who’s a suspect, not a patriot. It doesn’t matter that George Duhhhbya has enacted a War-On-Terrorism economic stimulus package to save the free world. Thanks to his brilliant defense of freedom, the supranational corporations no longer have to pay any income taxes! In fact, they are being refunded for past years, to the tune of 140 billion dollars. Billions of tax refunds to IBM, GM, Ford – all FOG, "Friends Of George." Go ahead, America, try to fudge just a little on your tax deductions; times are tight and you’re running low on grocery money more and more every month. Then expect an audit and perhaps armed agents bursting into your home and business, confiscating and selling even the shoes off your feet. Lower your heads for the yoke of the New World Order to set gently on your necks, while IBM executives sail on their tax-free yachts. They are now laughing at us as they sun themselves off the coasts of Somalia and Abu Dhabi, echoed by the laughter of Osama Bin Laden, lilting in the warm, offshore breeze. Let’s all sing, America the Beautiful.

Jack Duggan

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