Sergey Borisov: The war of warnings

Iraq's President Saddam Hussein sent a “Christmas card” to the West. In the special message to the Iraqi Christians he claimed that the USA and Israel were getting the world involved in the catastrophe. The events, which are currently taking place in Afghanistan and Palestine, will lead to very lamentable consequences for the whole world, and only God knows, what will happen, Saddam said.

As Saddam Hussein wrote, there were horrible crimes committed against the background of Christmas holidays. The people of Iraq have been suffering for eleven years already from the unfair embargo. The message from the Iraqi president was not timed to Christmas only. The USA is developing an operation against Iraq, in which it hopes to remove Hussein from his office. Probably this was the operation Saddam was talking about, when he mentioned the lamentable consequences for the world. He gave it to understand, he is not going to give up.

It is not only Hussein who makes such warnings, however. India and Pakistan keep reminding the world about their nuclear weapon, as the conflict between them is getting more and more tense. The two neighbouring countries are concentrating their troops on the borders. After the assault on the Indian parliament India claimed that two armed groups that took part in the attack, killing 14 people, were based in Pakistan. A general of the Pakistani army, general Mohammad Yakub said the situation was highly explosive: “A small incident may lead to the chain reaction, and no one will be able to control it,” - said he. Yakub almost cited Hussein’s Christmas message, saying the large-scale war will be horrible for the whole world. As the general thinks, if it goes about the survival of a nation, there will not be much consideration given to the use of the nuclear power. Delhi will charge Pakistan with provoking a mess in the state of Kashmir. Islamabad is denying its “sponsorship” of the conflict, saying Pakistan is “rendering the moral and diplomatic support” to Kashmir’s struggle for self-determination.

There is so much weapon and evil in the world now, so the wars of the third millennium can not be of the local character. We wish everything would be over with the warnings and the year 2001 will not be the beginning of the new era of wars.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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