Alexander Gorobets: Alexander Moroz knows true reasons of resignations of Viktor Yuschenko and Viktor Medvedchuk

Leader of the Ukrainian Socialist Party Alexander Moroz thinks, an opportunity of participation in the parliamentary elections in 2004 was the true reason for resignation of Ex-Prime Minister Viktor Yuschenko and First Vice-speaker Viktor Medvedchuk. In the words of Moroz, both of them are considered to be candidates for the presidential post. But, as for President Leonid Kuchma, the problem of the third period of presidential office is still on the agenda. That is why Viktor Yuschenko and Viktor Medvedchuk may be regarded as his rivals, or even enemies.

Alexander Moroz denies any possibility of co-operation with the coalition of Viktor Yuschenko “Our Ukraine” during the coming parliamentary elections. In the words of Mr.Moroz, Viktor Yuschenko is in a box, as he has not used his potential and will hardly manage to.

Alexander Moroz also drew objectives of the opposition parties in the pre-election campaign. He says, it is important to counteract to use of the administrative resource during the pre-election campaign. Alexander Moroz thinks, the following parties may make up the parliament of a new convocation: the Communist Party with 18-20% of votes, coalition “ For united Ukraine!” (founded under Leonid Kuchma’s patronage) with 8%, Viktor Yuschenko’s coalition “Our Ukraine” – 12-14%, the Ukrainian Socialist Party and associated parties – 10-12%, Julia Timoshenko’s coalition – 6-8%. Only those parties that get over a 4% barrier may make up the parliament in Ukraine.

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Translated by Maria Gousseva

In the photo: Alexander Moroz

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