Our reader Jack Duggan: What Should Happen to American Taliban Fighter John Walker Lindh?

This was recently asked in a poll by World Net Daily. Lindh is a California Muslim convert who ran away from home as a teenager to fight alongside Taliban forces in the Middle East. You can bet that his parents wish he chose to wear orange robes while praising Krishna in American airports, instead.

So, what did the fair-minded and democratic American public decide to do with this young man? Over 67% said, “Execute him for treason!” As of this writing, less than 11% said to “Give him a fair trial.” The more things change, the more they stay the same. Those who strongly support their civil rights are the greatest hypocrites when it comes to civil rights benefitting others.

The United States had once stood for the rights of all people, for all races and creeds. But now the nation spends most of its time sitting on growing posteriors, believing what they are told to believe by the sycophant TV media, which is that rights, and truth itself, are subjective.

Want to try this Lidh kid for treason? Okay, America, go ahead. But first, how about putting Bill Clinton and Al Gore on trial for their treason in their giving away the store to Communist China, including missile technology. Thanks to them, now China’s nuclear missiles have been upgraded to state-of-the-art, so that they can fly farther and actually hit their targets. Because of this, they are now pointed at US! This was all too easy for the Chinese thugs; all it took was donating to the campaign chests of the leaders in the Whitewashedhouse.

How about putting our great Congress and all their Constitutionally illicit alphabet soup agencies on trial? After all, it was they who allowed this all to happen through their inhumane foreign policies that murdered over half a million Muslim children and disarmed all the airline victims that died defenseless in the World Trade Center crash-bombings. The pilots and passengers of 9-11 had their civil right to self defense erased, just as were their lives, but you don’t want to try their killers because you elected them.

Our great, elected leaders. How about their treason, America? Going to hang them high? Or are you going to let the talking heads on TV think for you, as usual?

How about you 67 percent? You stood idly while allowing the holy Name of God to be stricken from the legislatures, courts and schools. And when our kids turn out to have no sense of soul, you sanctimonious bastards want to execute them. Yes, I called you all “bastards”because you certainly are not the sons and daughters of those true patriots who founded this nation. And you are certainly not the sons and daughters of freedom.

Why do you think that patriotism is supporting your government instead of the democratic principle? That principle is, because of you, disappearing in a whiff of acrid smoke, melted away by hydrochloric government.

Now you proudly warble GOD BLESS AMERICA while raining death on more hapless children, victims of the government that does your bidding. For a price.

Let me be the first to tell you what the price has been to you: your souls. Have you forgotten that the Just God judges you not just on your sins, but on your omissions?

“Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just.” -Thomas Jefferson

Even though you don’t deserve it, that same God you kicked out of your lives wants you back. Since you would not listen to His gentle lessons, which our Founding Fathers had mastered, He will now have you listen to His severe lessons, which is bringing your souls back through purification. Purification, as in famine, as in disease, as in war. Ironically, when all this happens, I know that the 67 percent will whine, “Why is God doing this to us!!?”

Remember what you said of a lone young man named, Lindh: “Execute him for treason!/Crucify him, crucify him!!”

You did it to yourselves, America, you did it to yourselves.

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