Andrei Devyatov: Chinese dragon forgives. Official apologies of the US, Japan and Vatican before China in 2001 demonstrate one more antipode to “new world order”

April 1 (!) an important event took place: Americans disgraces themselves before the Chinese. In the 1960s, hundreds of “serious China’s warnings” connected with constant violations by US aircraft of Chinese air space were considered in the world with irony. While the case of the interned US reconnaissance aircraft EP-3 that took place in 2001 made the whole world feel “Chinese factor” which is being taking seriously now. US military with “human face” was disgraced and again demonstrated to the world its incapacity for a feat. Being afraid of the prospect “to take a bath” in the warm sea waters, the crew did not drown the aircraft and even did not annihilate technical carriers of “military and state secrets”, while the Americans had about themselves not only special instructions for such cases but also certain means for annihilation secret equipment blocks of reconnaissance, navigation and communication, and besides they most likely remembered the well known film about James Bond, where he heroically rescues an encryption device from a sunken ship. Probably, “cruel grin” of an Asian face well seen from the US aircraft cockpit influenced the crew’s spirits even without arm and made the pilots to change the course. The Americans had nothing to oppose to the Chinese pilot’s personal firmness and faithfulness to his duty (the pilot was killed) except for their equipment that turned out to be not enough. So, the US aircraft situated at a distance of 104 km from the border of Chinese territorial waters was damaged, while the scared crew had nothing better to do than to land its aircraft in Chinese military airport. Chinese authorities behaved just marvellously, while demonstrating to the whole world their political will and grandeur. They used this case to settle scores with Americans for bombardment of Chinese embassy in Belgrade and for the three diplomats killed at that time, and confirmed in practice the seriousness of their warnings. In the conflict near to Hainan Island, Western standards of thinking fully broke up before the great country of Chinese symbols independent on arguments of “international law” and so-called “common to all mankind values.” Even a really serious menace of the US to decrease the level of Chinese export to the US (Chinese export to the US is by 80 billion dollars more than Chinese import from the US) was not fruitful. The Chinese even considered this argument to be the American’s weakness and said they do not sell their sovereignty. In Chinese mentality, every power, even a poor one, is always more powerful than money. So, official apologies were much more important for China, than money questions. Therefore, the letter of the US government containing these apologies was a kind of official mounting of strategic rivalry between China and the US. This gesture was a sign for China that its power and its pretension to the all water area of South China Sea were acknowledged. It should be remembered that expansion of Chinese strategic border has been spreading to continental shelf of the world ocean. In 1974, China captured Paracel Islands, in 1988 the conflict about Spratly Islands took place, in 1995 China demonstrated its power in Taiwan Gulf. And finally, sovereignty of Nansha Islands. Expansion of Chinese nation’s life space is an important way to control geopolitical and “geoeconomical” situation on the planet. So, within ten days, the Chinese showed to the 24 members of the aircraft value of life and freedom. Of course, they released the Americans from human consideration, though only after the diplomatic victory, and returned the aircraft’s details for 1 million dollars. And what about Russia? April 6, activists of Union of Right Forces carried an action in Moscow under the slogan “For Army with Human Face.” Against the background of the incident, it becomes obvious such an army cannot bravely attack superior forces of the enemy and all the more suppress the enemy’s will with own resoluteness. While the Russian Army’s power has always been that spirit of unprotected Russian plains’ inhabitants. Technology and military and technical advantage of the US is doubtless, its adroit manipulating with force vectors in Afghanistan as well, while a victory is always a result of human qualities: of the commander’s will inspiring the army to a feat. In the US, ratable values catalysed into stocks of high technology and software companies prevail over real human values. In such economical situation, the Bush administration decided to demonstrate again military menace to the whole world, packed in control-of-mind technologies (the NMD) or in real using of arm (Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan, Iraq). This was why, the Bush administration decided to increase its military expenses. Money must be spent first of all for the NMD, in other words for the real sector of military production swallowing up the internal inflation. Militarily, NMD must be developed against Chinese missiles, while China opposes the US plans with almost Russian or European rhetoric (disturbance of nuclear balance and so on). As a matter of fact, China’s protest covers the fact that after the US dollar fails as world currency, it will be replaced by the Chinese yuan in Pacific region, while NMD must strengthen the US currency. In a Russian TV programme, China’s soon transition to gold securing of yuan was predicted, that should allow to China and to many other countries of Pacific region to turn to calculations in yuan and to distance themselves from crisis appearances of US economy. This fact is confirmed by Malaysian prime-minister’s announcement at Shanghai session of OPEC in October, who proposed to replace US dollar to a Pacific currency. This cannot look like a joke, especially taking into account China’s gold reserves which are constantly enriched, while information about special gold-miner troops is the state’s secret. The Chinese factor’s seriousness was confirmed by Japanese prime-minister D.Koidzumi. While visiting memorial complex near to Marco Polo Bridge where in 1937 war in Asia started, he publicly apologised and expressed his sorry for the Chinese killed in the war against Japanese aggression. The Japanese are now an ageing nation which has lost its dynamics. After having lost its believe in the emperor cult, Japan made a spurt in material consuming and injured the vertical of its national spirit, lost its diaspora and overstrained its finance system. In other words, after having connected itself with the West, it will share its fate and it is obviously going to decline. October 20, China’s reputation as a national and cultural monolith was confirmed by the world church’s head John Paul II. He also publicly apologised for evil committed to China by Catholic Church. It is significant that this statement was made one year later, after the Church canonized 120 Catholic missionaries, victims of patriotic people’s disturbances in China. In conclusion, it should be noticed, that the so-called “conflict of civilizations”, of the united West and the terrorism with Islamic face, plaid by the US, is understood by the powers that be only as a screen for the really maturing conflict between the West and Chinese growing might.

Andrei Devyatov Specially for PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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