Alexander Gorobets: Lyudmila Kuchma is unlikely to follow Hillary Clinton's example

Opinion polls held in Ukraine on the eve of a new pre-election campaign outlined a very interesting situation. The “Women for the future!” association came in third after a coalition of parties that support ex-prime minister Viktor Yuschenko. Most people think that the wife of the Ukrainian president, Lyudmila Kuchma is a member of the association.

She is a frequent visitor of children’s and retirement homes. Popular Ukrainian and Moscow actors usually accompany her and bring presents. Most people wonder where the financing for such trips comes from. Once, it was published that Russian singer Joseph Kobzon was paid $14 000 for one tour to the Ukrainian city of Kharkov. It is an open secret that businessmen and rich people also participate in such trips.

The leader of the association “Women for the future!” Valentina Dovzhenko often goes on such trips together with Lyudmila Kuchma. That is why Mrs.Kuchma is said to be following the example of Hillary Clinton and running for a seat in the parliament. However, Lyudmila Kuchma herself denied any connection between her and the association “Women for the future” at a meeting held in Kiev yesterday.

It looks as if Lyudmila Kuchma is unlikely to follow the example of Hillary Clinton.

Alexander Gorobets PRAVDA.Ru Kiev Ukraine

Translated by Maria Gousseva

In the photo: Lyudmila and Leonid Kuchma

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