Dmitry Litvinovich: Putin praised the government

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a positive estimation to the work of the government, RIA Novosti informed. Making a speech at the session with the ministers, the head of the state mentioned that the government managed to efficiently react to the change of the international situation and the economic conjuncture. Putin stressed out the high efficiency of the joint work, performed by the presidential administration, the government, the Central Bank, the ministerial departments. At the same time the president set a goal for the next year -–to raise the efficiency of that cooperation.

The kind words from the president cost a lot: Mikhail Kasyanov can sigh with relief, for the threat of his resignation, which was much talked about during the year is now gone. The Russian winter will be like a test for the cabinet of ministers, for as it usually happens in Russia, winter time brings unpleasant surprises, when the regions of the country freeze due to the absence of fuel or for other reasons.

But Mikhail Kasyanov, the premier, has something to boast of too: the budget has been through all instances without a trouble, which testifies to the fact that the government and the Duma have finally learned how to negotiate with each other. The growth of the Gross Domestic Product may reach the level of 5.5% pursuant to the results of the current year.

The harvest of the crops is worth mentioning too: the country will not be forced to purchase the crops abroad for the first time in years. the experts calculated that the potential export of the crops could make up five million tons. The stable currency, the relatively low inflation rate, the relatively high economic growth - these are also important achievements of the Russian government. They now pay the salaries and pensions timely. The treasury was making the ends meet well, and the gold and forex reserves were growing. The high oil prices made it possible to pay the foreign debts.

The negative sides of the government's activity in the year 2001include the reforms of the natural monopolies (RAO United Eenergy System of Russia, Railway Ministry, Gazprom), which were not started, everything was limited to the tariff rise. The governmental reform, about which Vladimir Putin was talking about, was only about a little bit of cadre reshuffle. It seems like the president gave up on all that, having realized there would be no progress there.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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