Boris Yeltsin is neat and fresh. He does not regret his past.

The unpredictable, the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin shocked the whole country with the news about his resignation on December 31, 1999. All the people, which work or deal with the politics had to rush for work, pushing all the New Year celebrations aside.

Boris Yeltsin had a meeting with the media after two years passed by. At the meeting with the journalists Yeltsin claimed he “was not going to be a public politician,” and that it was his “principal position.” Yeltsin gave it to understand, he did not wish to interfere in the state issues and affairs. He said the reforms were going in full swing, which had already resulted in the economic rise.

Yeltsin firmly said that he did not regret the decision he made two years ago, when he made up his mind to resign. Boris Yeltsin apologized for his rare meetings with the press, although he added the freedom of speech in Russia was not infringed upon. Yeltsin told the journalists he was having an active mode of life, watching the situation in the country and in the world, he was aware of all the events happening. He added he watched TV and read newspapers, met his former colleagues.

Boris Yeltsin’s wife, Naina Yeltsina also took part in the meeting with the journalists, she even baked two cakes for that occasion. Boris Yeltsin did not eat them though, because like he said he was “keeping his shape.” The journalists really noticed that Yeltsin looked fine – neat and fresh.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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