The Americans are fed up with the Iraqi opposition

The American government suspends the funding of the Iraqi opposition, the Washington Post reported. The funding has been suspended because the opposition failed to properly explain, where was the money, assigned for the struggle against Hussein’s regime. It was very good money, by the way.

The goals of the Iraqi opposition included the collection of the discreditable material against Saddam. The collected information was then supposed to be handed over to the UN for the public exposure. The final variant is the military tribunal that would like such material a lot.

The opposition decided to act on a grand scale. It asked for $25 million from the USA, and was going to use $17 of that sum for the subversive activities within Iraq. Bush’s administration moderated the appetites of the fighters for freedom and assigned only $8 million under the condition that they would present the entire report about the work done in six months. The opposition has surely spent the money, but there was a problem with the report about how they spent it. They did not manage to explain that clearly. The Americans ran out of patience and the top American officials decided to stop the funding. That decision was really made, in spite of the fact that the Iraqi opposition had a considerable support in the US Congress.

There is a struggle within the administration of the American president: one group fights for the military solution of the Iraqi problem, the other one stakes on the military coup d’etat in Iraq. The Iraqi opposition plays a key role there, since it is the opposition that is supposed to overthrow Hussein. It seems like those, who stand for the military variant, are winning. If so, then – poor Saddam.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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