Bush the Bully and Tory Blair

George W. Bush and Tony Blair are about to commit the mistake of the millennium, namely launching an illegal attack against a sovereign nation against international law, against the consensus of public opinion and without any reason other than the fact that they misjudged the international climate of public opinion, went too far and were unable to turn back.

Criminal Arrogance 2, Diplomacy and Debate 0 is the result of this horrific charade which will send the world into decades of despair as violence spirals out of control. These two protagonists are about to give international terrorism its greatest boost as people begin to question whether there is any difference between hundreds of innocent civilians being murdered by US warplanes in Iraq and hundreds of innocent civilians being blasted through shop windows in Washington or London – or indeed, Lisbon or Madrid.

Portugal’s Jose Barroso has managed, in the words of Ferro Rodrigues, the leader of the largest party in opposition, the Socialist Party (PS), “to put Portugal on the map of terrorism” with his unflinching support for the American position in the event of war. Spain’s Jose Maria Aznar went one step further, declaring that he will send Spanish troops to the Gulf, after millions demonstrated against war in Madrid and Barcelona.

The people of the world do not want a war. The feeling in the international community is summed up by the Vatican, whose spokesperson Joaquin Navarro Valls, stated yesterday that “The USA assumes a grave responsibility before God and History”.

The sheer scope of public aversion to this forthcoming criminal and murderous attack is evident in the close call Tony Blair received from his own party in Parliament on Tuesday night, when 217 MPs voted against a military intervention, the great majority of these from the Labour Party. Tony Blair can now count on the full support of the main opposition party, the Tories, for which reason he may decide to change his name to Tory Blair.

The channels of diplomacy were not used, the United Nations Organization has been relegated to the status of a global Mother Teresa. Bush the Bully, Tory Blair and the sickening, whore-like sycophants who exchange the principles of diplomacy for dollars, have killed any hope that mankind has evolved to a superior state of civilization.

Bush the Bully, Tory Blair, Barroso the Bruiser and Aznar the Annihilator will go down in history as the quartet which stuck a knife into international diplomacy which will remain in the mind of Mankind for many years to come. They would feel more at home in the cavern of Jabba the Hutt than in the United Nations building in New York.


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