Americans Are Not Allowed to Russian Cafes

Owners of a cafe in the Russian city of Taganrog also decided to make their contribution into the struggle against a war in Iraq. The administration of the cafe posted up an announcement on the entrance door saying the following: “In connection with the aggressive policy of the USA and Great Britain, with the attempts they make to break the UN Charter, American and British citizens are not served in the cafe.”

The action arose a great social resonance. As the manager of the cafe says, the action drew attention of all local TV companies, and popularity of the cafe considerably increased. The unusual announcement on the entrance door to the Taganrog cafe called Olenka even gave rise to accusations of genocide. The cafe administration decided to abridge the “black list”; now the list says that the following people won’t be served in the Russian cafe: George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell and Anthony Blair.

Business woman Olga Lipkina opened the cafe in a leasehold building two years ago. Soon after that she married an Englishman who was a regular client of the cafe at that time. It is quite natural that the woman devoted less time to her business after the marriage. Finally, she gave a certificate of authority to the team who now run the cafe. The recent action was the initiative of the incumbent management.

The manager of the cafe says, the idea sprang up spontaneously, this was the reaction to the US’s decision to wage a war against Iraq without a UN sanction. In his words, the action wasn’t designed with a view to promote the cafe.

On the Internet forum Delovoy Taganrog (Business Taganrog) the manager said: “I am happy that the problem of Iraqi war has finally drawn attention of the people living in the region of the Don River. I hope the action will be supported by owners of other cafes and shops.” It is reported that other institutions of Taganrog also introduce restrictions on supplying of services to the above mentioned people (the local bath-house, for example).

Delovoy Taganrog newspaper

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