In his Q&A session, Putin speaks about the need for vaccination

Putin reveals he was vaccinated with Sputnik V

On June 30, 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin holds his traditional live Q&A session with Russian citizens. It was decided not to cancel the event amid the coronavirus pandemic, but there is no live audience in the studio, where the session is taking place. Last year, a similar Q&A session was cancelled amid the coronavirus crisis. 

Answering questions about vaccination, Putin said that he was vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine.

“During the first hours, I did not feel anything, and after four hours there was sensitivity in the injection spot. After the second jab I had body temperature up to 37.2. I went to sleep, and when I woke up, it was 36.6,” the head of state said.

Putin explained that he did not want to disclose the name of the vaccine that he had been vaccinated against coronavirus earlier, because he did not want to "create any competitive advantages of one vaccine over another." He also said that he did not see any point in posting videos of his vaccination on the Internet. 

"If the jab was not in the shoulder, but in another place of the body, would I need to show that too?" he wondered. 

During a direct line, President Vladimir Putin spoke out against compulsory vaccination in Russia. The event is broadcasted by Channel One on YouTube.

Putin was opposed to mandatory vaccination

Putin said that he was opposed to mandatory vaccination against coronavirus.

At the same time, regional leaders have the right to introduce compulsory vaccination for certain groups of citizens within the framework of the law, he added. 

“This is within the framework of the law from 1998, there is no confusion here,” Putin said.

A number of Russian regions introduced mandatory vaccination for certain categories of citizens. In particular, employees of such public spheres as trade, public catering, hotel services, centers for the provision of public and municipal services, public transport and taxis, education, and healthcare should be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. 

Putin says what he thinks about anti-vaccinationists

“There are always people who think that one does not need to be vaccinated at all. Yet, one should not listen to people who have little knowledge about the topic and base their opinions on rumours - one should listen to specialists," the president said. 

The Russian vaccines have proven to be safe and effective. "Coronavirus is life-threatening, vaccination is not," Vladimir Putin said. 

He also said that his daughter was also vaccinated with Sputnik V.

“My daughter also had Sputnik V. She had 37.5 for one day and that was it," Putin said. 

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