Russian Cossacks Claim American Troops Might Be Deployed in Russia

Russian Cossacks are very concerned about the decline of the Russian Federation

As PRAVDA.Ru reported before, former commander of the Russian troops in the Russian Northern Caucasus military region, Colonel-General Gennady Troshev was appointed for the position of a presidential aide. From now on, Troshev will deal with coordinating activities of presidential envoys in Russian administrative districts. The general will administer the activity of Cossack societies. In other words, the general will be in charge of the movement.

As it is well known, Troshev was in charge of the counter-terrorist operation in Chechnya for a long time. When Sergey Ivanov, the Defense Minister, offered the general to take the same position, although in the Siberian military region, Troshev responded with a public refusal to that. Now President Vladimir Putin made a decision to appoint Gennady Troshev on the position of the presidential aide for Cossacks’ issues (taking into consideration defense minister’s recommendations).

Gennady Troshev told reporters in an interview that he treated his new appointment positively. In the nearest future Troshev is coming to Moscow to start executing his new duties. The new aide to the president has something to think about. It seems that there are more and more of Russian Cossacks that are not happy with the present state policy. At any rate, the administration and the council of atamans of the Russian union of Cossacks set forth a statement, which is addressed to the leadership of the country and to its people. The statement was entitled “About certain results of the year 2002 and the necessity for all healthy forces of the Russian society to unite for the prevention of Russia’s occupation and collapse.” The statement runs that the previous years of the “democratic triumph” revealed the viciousness and malignancy of the policy that is run by the Russian government.

Last year Russia took the 135th place amid all countries of the world in terms of the Gross Domestic Product level per capita. Cossacks think that this is nothing but a sentence to the course of reforms that have been conducted by Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, and Vladimir Putin. By the way, the USSR used to take the 43rd position in the world from the GDP viewpoint back in 1989. As the statement from the Russian union of Cossacks runs further, the country is torn apart by oligarchs: “Science and education experience a decline. Healthcare is dying together with the Russian population, the death rate of which has already reached one million people a year. The Russian industry has been actually buried. Several thousand criminals fill their pockets up with money. Tens of thousands of their assistants live fairly well, while tens of millions of Russian people live below the poverty line in the declining country. Hundreds of billions of stolen dollars have been taken abroad. That money has been working for the West, strengthening its economic and military power. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation fell into decay on account of the governmental officials’ actions. Officers lead beggarly lives, soldiers are forced to beg. The defense technology is totally worn out, no new troops are coming.”

Ataman A.Martynov of the Russian union of Cossacks said: “Our sources in the United States informed us in 2001 about meetings and negotiations of several well-known Russian officials of the so-called liberal persuasion. They conducted meetings with spokespeople for American administration and special services. As it was informed, there was an opportunity for American or NATO peacemaking troops to be deployed on the territory of Russia to control the Russian nuclear arsenal. It was particularly planned to use the opportunities of the Russian energy giant RAO UES of Russia and its head, Anatoly Chubais, for those purposes. The Kremlin authorities could not but notice those meetings. However, no reaction followed. There are several groups of American officials working in Russia. They obtain secret information about Iran, Iraq and North Korea from Russian special services. Furthermore, they discuss issues pertaining to a possible deployment of US troops in Russia. They explain that with the need to strengthen the joint struggle with the mythical international terrorism. We realize the responsibility for Russia’s fate, which every Cossack of our union claims. On the ground of that fact, we declare that all healthy forces of the Russian society should unite in order to prevent the collapse and the occupation of our Fatherland,” runs the statement.

On the whole, Gennady Troshev, the new presidential aide for Cossacks’ issues will have something to think about on his new position, taking into consideration the fact that he has already proved himself to be an honest and courageous general during the time, when he administered the anti-terrorist operation in Chechnya. Cossacks say that the Kremlin does not hear them.

Pyotr Bely PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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