Bomb Attacks to Foreign Embassies in Caracas

Two blasts rocked the embassies of Spain and Colombia in Venezuela's Capital

Supposed President Hugo Chavez's supporters claimed for two explosions that Tuesday morning shook the city of Caracas. Both the Spanish Embassy and the Colombian Consulate suffered serious material damages while five people were reported injured after the blasts.

The explosions came shortly after Chavez addressed his usual radio speech to the population, in which accused the governments of the United States and Spain of siding with his foes and warned Colombia he may break off diplomatic ties. However, Chavez repudiated the actions and diplomats of Spain and Colombia said the Government of Venezuela was not behind the explosions.

A security guard and two people were injured at the Colombian consulate building, where shards of glass and concrete debris from the badly damaged facade lay scattered across the street, authorities said. Two others were also hurt by fragments at the Spanish embassy site. "If this had not been at two in the morning and instead at two in the afternoon we would have had a lot of dead from the impact," Chacao district mayor Leopoldo Lopez told reporters.

Pamphlets signed by Chavez's supporters were found next to both damaged buildings, but there is still no reason to think these groups are connected with the national Government. Many self-denominated "Bolivarian groups" had taken part recently on street clashes, no independent reports could determine whether they are connected with the local government.

The "Bolivarian Circles", named after the national hero Simon Bolivar, are groups of pro-Chavez activists, whose functions are related with social assistance and peaceful activities. However, the opposition usually accuses them of being a paramilitary organization similar to the German's freikorps in the 1920's.

The blasts came shortly after Chavez decided to cut off contacts with the opposition and the Government celebrated the arrest of two strike leaders in Caracas. Also, Chavez foes accused the Government of being behind the assassination of five dissident military officers in the Capital of Venezuela.

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Photo (Reuters):The Colombian Consulate in Caracas after Tuesday's explosion.

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