Fair Warning

The Middle Eastern CNN-type news agency, Al-Jazeera, recently aired an audio tape of Osama bin Laden calling all Muslims to rise up and defend their “brothers in Iraq." The timing of the tape is impeccable. Both domestic and European critics had been complaining that the U.S. is should only be attacking terrorists, not Saddam Hussein. But now this wonderful tape appears, showing how Iraq and the Al Qaeda are really one and the same.

Not surprisingly on the same tape ‘Osama’ threatens Saudi Arabia, his own country that furnished the majority of the 9-11 hijackers and millions of dollars into his pockets. American support of the Saudi government had been waning, but now, thanks to this tape persuading us just how strong an enemy Saudi Arabia is to Osama, all Americans can now believe the Saudis are on our side.

This tape is far too convenient for the aims of the U.S. government. Not one of the talking heads on the TV news channels have noticed this. No one has said that there could be an Arab Rich Little out in the weeds with a Sony tape recorder. Or even one in Langley.

Speaking of the TV ‘news,’ none of them have offered or asked for one bit of proof that OBL and/or Al Qaeda had anything to do with the 9-11 attacks. I just haven’t seen any actual evidence. Have you?

Immediately after 9-11 the airlines published the passenger lists of all four crashed aircraft. Nowhere on them were the names of the terrorists which the government released, strangely within mere hours of the tragedy. More strange, several of the terrorists have since been discovered to be still alive, well, and nowhere near the USA.

Can anyone out there offer us any real proof that Al Qaeda and Osama were responsible for 9-11? I’ve heard countless generalizations, characterizations and commentary about Muslim “hatred for our way of life,” but is there any real evidence? I think we all know the answer.

Here’s a question you’ll never hear asked by the government-lap-dog U.S. media: Who died and made us boss?

What gives us the authority to go inside a foreign country and forcibly remove its leader? We did this with Manuel Noriega in Panama. Now we want to do it with Iraq. But what international law authorizes us to do this? After all, we tell the People’s Republic of China that they better not set foot in Taiwan. And we sure objected to Japan expanding into neighboring countries.

How can a country that issued the Monroe Doctrine demand at the threat of war that other nations not try to colonize or otherwise influence countries in the western hemisphere, set itself above that rule?

We still apply the Monroe Doctrine today, only we apply it globally to every other nation but ourselves. Isn’t this hypocritical? Not only is it hypocritical, call it typical, typical because this nation is ruled by hypocrites that make thousands of rules for us unwashed masses but exempt themselves from them. Whoever says that, “No one is above the law,” has never read much about the U.S. Congress. One example of hundreds is that Congress members don’t pay into Social Security. How much is taken by force out of your salary annually?

Do you see Yale, Harvard and other Ivy League graduates running to fill the ranks of the military forces now encircling Iraq? Sure you do....

Only poor kids are going to Iraq. We will tell them to kill and maim other poor kids for all the rich ones who will not serve. We will tell them to kill and maim other poor kids for all the rich fathers who made fortunes exploiting their poor fathers.

After the release of the Rich Little-Osama tape, polls say that the majority of Americans now believe Iraq should be attacked as a terrorist organization. Just one little tape and now we’re going to war with pride.

Already the non-serving elites are reaping the benefits of war. In one week alone, fuel oil prices for home heating went up 20%. If I complain that more sick, elderly pensioners will freeze because they cannot pay these increases, people will e-mail me that I’m “unpatriotic.” It seems that anyone who criticizes government nowadays is labeled unpatriotic.

Like Abraham Lincoln, I expect our current president to sign a bill tossing all critics in jail without due process. After all, no one objected much when our government began throwing “terror suspects” into prison, declaring that they have no constitutional rights whatsoever. That’s what happens when foolish people believe that the government can grant and take away rights.

Maybe someone will come up with another audio tape with ‘Osama’ saying how helpful are American citizens who criticize America. Polls will quickly show that Al Qaeda sympathizers deserve no due process. Polls will scream, “Hang ‘em high!” Then the elites can redefine a suspected government critic as an “unpatriotic terrorist-supporting suspect,” causing me and you to wind up in an isolation cell for years without even one phone call out.

Due process now belongs only to those who the U.S. government allows.

We did not speak up in defense of human rights for people denied due process because a label was placed upon them by government. That guarantees that no one will speak up for us when we are carted away in the night. We know this because we have seen this all before, on Kristalnacht, the night Jewish windows were broken throughout Germany by elite forces that wound up limiting human rights for everyone but themselves.

None of us can say that we had no fair warning.

Jack Duggan Special to PRAVDA.Ru

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