Device Allowing to See an Individual's Energy Field Invented

According to non-traditional medicine, human beings possess not only a physical body, but also an energy informational field, or an aura which reflects all changes in human organism. It cannot be however perceived with usual senses, this is why nobody except extrasensory individuals has so far seen it. Not without reason, the word “aura” means in Greek “breath.”

Though, now an individual's aura can be seen by mere mortals, too, thanks to the invention of Konstantin Korotkov, Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Science from St Petersburg. His new device uses Kirlian effect (fixation of human ionizing fields in high-discharge field). The method of gas-discharge visualization, or gas-discharge diagnostics based on this method, allows to see biological radiation of human body surface increased by electromagnetic field.

Earlier, there was Korotkov device only in huge Russian cities like Moscow, St Petersburg, and Irkutsk. Though, now a citizen of Bratsk also possesses it.

The life of the device owner, Vladislav Speshilov changed in 1991, when he read a book of Russian philosopher Yelena Blavatskaya.

Vladislav became interested in fine energies and started to develop extrasensory perception in himself. In some time, Vladislav could see a person’s aura. Through manipulating with energies, he healed his 92-year-old grandmother, while all doctors refused to cure her, saying about “the natural process of ageing and dying.” For four years, Vladislav lived in monasteries in Arshan and Tibet, perfecting his extrasensory skills. Vladislav got to know about the Korotkov devise from the TV news programme ‘Vremya.’ After that, he knew no rest until he obtained this unique device. Now he finally possess it and with its help he can compose the picture of Bratsk citizens morbidity.

The process does not take so much time. It looks like finger-printing of a person. Why namely fingers? - you could ask. I will explain you, why. Because sensitive points connected with internal are situated on human hands.

A person who intends to go through gas-discharge diagnostics takes off watch, rings, bracelets, then he thoroughly wipes his hands with a towel. Afterwards, his finger-tips are pressed by terns upon the glass previously cleaned with alcohol. As the survey is over and the energy field is “photographed,” the rest is made by a programme which distributes among the zones responsible for certain organ.

Then, a schematic picture of a human being appears on the screen, while around it, a blue-yellow-red line corresponding with the body shape could be seen. If the line has no breaches, if it is even, the patient is absolutely healthy. Though, if there are some breaches and splashes, this signifies some pathological process in an organ.

Malakhov, a famous Russian extrasensory individual, calls changes like that “karma dissemination.” Some of them are latent, while others, by penetrating to the physical body, cause one or another function breach.

For example, a splash over the head witnesses energy standstill which can cause headaches. The same splash near the liver means the person has gall-stones. According to Malakhov, people should get rid of different field “pollution” forms, otherwise the latter could for sure cause an illness and reduce life and creative abilities.

The most dangerous thing for a person's energy field is energy vampirism. People who undergo it have almost no aura at all, while the devise fixes its rest. As a rule, this kind of the aura injuries could be seen in people who belong to different sects. They gradually turn in a kind of zombies, while their aura shape, from which energy is pumped out becomes ruined.

Vyacheslav, who occupies himself with gas-discharge diagnostics, estimates information presented by the device as 90-percent accurate.

Medical workers who have realistic views on life are skeptical about this kind of activity: “There are too many devices today! This is just mysticism!” While others admit the Korotkov device can fix any change in human organism. But physicians do not have traditionally to do with a patient's energy field, and they cannot diagnose basing on its state.

While Bratsk citizens who already experienced the Korotkov device diagnostic and who know their illnesses, agree with most of the device conclusions.

Lyudmila Svyatova ‘Nomer Odin’

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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