Bin Laden Once Again Gives USA Free Reign

The message by Osama Bin Laden broadcast on 2003.02.11 by Al-Jazeera was clear: Moslems should unite against the enemy, the USA.

This was enough to provoke a puerile and simplistic comment by Colin Powell, that Iraq has terrorist links to Al-Qaeda in his desperate quest for a pretext for the steel, arms and energy lobbies to attack Iraq’s vast oil resources (10.7% of the world’s total). Insinuating that Osama Bin Laden and Iraq are one and the same thing is once again an indication that either Colin Powell has lost his judgement or that those who are telling him what to say should consider engaging a different speech writer.

The fact is that Osama Bin Laden himself wanted to take care of the expulsion of Saddam Hussein’s forces from Kuwait in 1990. He had already set in motion the calling-up of his troops in Afghanistan but was furious when the Saudi regime allowed the USA to perform the task instead. This was the turning point when the former ally of the CIA became its worst enemy.

To insinuate that Iraq has any links whatsoever with Al-Qaeda is as false as it is absurd, childish, simplistic and wholly untrue. Colin Powell is naпve, he performs like a simpleton, he understands nothing whatsoever about international politics and does not have one iota of the capacity that is needed to perform his functions.

In his broadcast, the international terrorist Osama Bin Laden mentioned his escape from Tora Bora, declaring that the enemy were unable to dislodge him and his fighters from their position. It is the first time in three months that he has made a statement, always through the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera.

Bin Laden exhorts the Moslem population to rise up in defence of the Iraqi regime (one which he himself hates).


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