“Road to Hell” to be Prohibited in New Mexico

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is disposed very resolutely: he says the number “666” of a highway going through the state must be changed. The faithful population of New Mexico insist that the number must be obligatorily changed. As Russia’s magazine Itogi reports, the population of the state treat the Number of the Beast with suspicion. They even call the highway it “road to hell”, “satanic highway” and “diabolic highway.”

Finally, remonstrance of the local population against the highway produced an effect upon the governor of the state, and the latter had to appeal to the legislative authorities of the state. The authorities promised to lobby the decision on a federal level. Earlier, New Jersey authorities had to take similar measures because road signs frequently disappeared on the highway marked with the Number of the Beast. Subsequent police investigation of such cases revealed rater realistic reasons of disappearance of road signs. However that may be, it is actually very important for authorities of any state to take opinion of the population into consideration.

Meanwhile, the mentioned number of “666” also draws much attention in Russia; Orthodox mass media publish much information on the problem. For instance, website Zaistinu.Ru published the results of investigation of a widely-spread standard, and about hidden symbolism in the EAN13/UPC bar code.

Have a close look at a label with the bar code with the above mentioned standard on any goods that you bring home from supermarkets. If you see a number “6” in the right part of the bar code under the row of bars, you will see two thin vertical parallel lines divided with a narrow blank above it. A couple of such lines border the bar code from the left and from the right, and one more couple of lines is right in the middle of the bar code. These three couples of lines distinctly differ from other lines of the bar code, as they are longer than the rest. At that, the three couples of lines are not numbered, but their graphical identity with the couple of bars marker with “6” gives us every reason to believe that any bar code of the standard in question includes three obligatory and distinct figures of “6”. Consequently, we can come to a conclusion that any goods and documents with this bar code are marked with the number “666”, with the diabolic stamp.”

Pyotr Bely PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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