Kosovo Is a Disaster

Kosovo was, is and always shall be, part of the Serbian Nation, whether or not the plaque “Yugoslavia” (meaning “South Slavs”) be used. NATO, understanding nothing of Balkans politics, goaded on by the then-powerful Albanian lobby on Capitol Hill and by the hawks who wanted a belated and anachronistic war against the Soviet Union by proxy, let King Kong out of his cage. Welcome to Kosovo.

Five hundred years of Balkans history had tried to keep the “eagle people” within the confines of their mountains. This is exactly what the Albanians are, a collection of tribes which consider themselves the “eagle people” (Shqiperi) who speak the “eagle language” (Shqip) and who live in “the land of the eagles” (Shqiperije). Albanian as a written language has only existed for less than a hundred years, the numerous dialects being grossly divided between Tosk and Gheg, the various tribes eking out an existence, tolerating one another, until a Bessa appeared.

Bessa is an Albanian blood feud. It goes on and on until a whole family has been wiped out by another, lasting decades. Albanians like to murder by putting a bullet through the face, so that it cannot be shown at the funeral. Some Albanians live a tribal existence in the mountains, ruled over by the ancient laws, the keepers of which are always women, in a matriarchal priestess-like stone age society.

Strange, indeed. Welcome to Albania and welcome to the Balkans, a melting pot of numerous peoples and religions which were all managing to get along very well until NATO (read the USA) decided to stamp its presence into the area. This started with a criminal attack on Yugoslavia, in which war crimes and crimes against humanity were committed, in which NATO violated the terms of the Geneva Convention. The result is Slobodan Milosevic in the dock and a norm that Americans cannot be tried for such crimes by the same court which is holding him. Obviously, there is something to hide.

The latest UN report paints a sorry picture of the once-thriving Kosovo, considered “still a considerable way from reaching the individual benchmarks and targets set by the UN”.

Kofi Annan points out that “much remains to be done to build effective, representative, transparent and accountable institutes with meaningful participation of minority community representatives in the civil service”. In other words, the Albanians have been continuing their habitual looting, raping, thieving, murderous practices against the Serbs, which is precisely the reason why Milosevic, the President of the then Yugoslavia, sent in his troops to protect them. Against terrorism.


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