Iraq: The Truth

An Iraqi official declined to be interviewed without two witnesses being present, to avoid the possibility of words being attributed to him which he did not say. Numerous sites were inspected. Nothing was found. The Iraqi authorities cooperated fully. All in the words of an official United Nations document.

The International Atomic Energy Agency inspected the Al Mamoun plant together with UNMOVIC, looking for biological weapons. Nothing was found.

The Mosul sugar and yeast factory was inspected and the teams found…sugar and yeast.

A farm was inspected north of Baghdad. Nothing was found. A helicopter support facility was visited. Nothing was found. The Al Taji Ammunition Depot was inspected and an empty Sakr-18 warhead was found. These warheads are obsolete and are not Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The Al Rafah test stand was inspected. Nothing was found. The Al Harith missile maintenance site was inspected. Nothing was found. The Al Mamoun solid propellant plant was inspected. Solid propellant was found.

A water purification facility was visited in Daura, Baghdad. Nothing was found. The ASCO commercial centre, a pesticide production plant, was inspected. Pesticides were found.

The State Establishment for Heavy Engineering plant, also at Daura, was inspected. This plant has mixing tanks for the food processing, chemical and petroleum industries. Nothing was found.

From the viewpoint of the Bush administration, nothing was found because it had all been hidden under palm trees or is being driven around the countryside in cars. From the viewpoint of logic and common sense, if something does not exist, it cannot be found. When people start to see things which do not exist, the case belongs to the area of psychiatry.


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