Latin America Unanimously against the War on Iraq

According with last Gallup's research over 41 countries, Latin Americans lead the opposition against US plans in Middle East

After the massive demonstration in Porto Alegre last week, it has been proven that the anti-war movement has a strong ally in this so many times forgotten region. According to Gallup, from the top five anti-war countries three come from South America and one of them, Argentina, leads the poll with an overwhelming 83%.

Second is Uruguay with 79%; then, come the former Yugoslavian Republics of Bosnia - Herzegovina and Macedonia with a remarkable third and fourth position. Bolivia and Spain are also among the most reluctant countries of the world to any kind of war against Saddam Hussein.

Amid the Europeans, France, Spain and Russia are the most encouraged against Bush's position towards the conflict. Analysts estimate these responses are related to unilateral decisions adopted by Washington recently not welcomed by these countries.

As an example, for Russia, the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the ABM treaty is a bad precedent on what this country can expect from the US State Department.

The survey titled "Research on the International Public Opinion over the Conflict on Iraq", was conducted by Gallup during the second half of January, in 41 countries. 30.000 of people were consulted all along the five continents.

The research remarks that even when the majority of the people reject a new war in the Persian Gulf, seven of each ten believe that the armed conflict will take place anyway.

Hernan Etchaleco PRAVDA.Ru Argentina

Photo: Anti-war demonstration in Porto Alegre, during the World Social Forum of January

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