USA Will Fabricate Evidence Against Iraq

General Hossam Mohammed Amin, Iraqi liaison officer with the UNO, has called on Colin Powell to show the photographic evidence he claims to have.

The last time that photographic evidence was presented, in December 2002, it was claimed that trucks were ferrying chemical weapons from one production plant to another. The “chemical weapons” turned out upon closer inspection to be powdered milk for babies.

In the run-up to their campaign of demonology against Iraq, the US authorities have constantly claimed that Iraq has both chemical and biological weapons, which months of minute and intrusive inspections have failed to uncover. It was then decided to include in the inventory of weapons systems which were out-of-date and which were unaccounted for in the report the Iraqi authorities sent to the UNO.

Last week, President Bush spoke about Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein in practically the same breath, while 150,000 troops are already deployed on Iraq’s frontiers. The fact that President Bush signed a document last September giving the USA the right to deploy nuclear weaponry against Iraq if necessary makes one thing quite clear: that the USA had decided to attack Iraq from the outset. All it has to do now is to find an excuse.

Until now, it does not have one. How convincing is the case presented to the UN Security Council by Colin Powell on Wednesday will be interesting to see.


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