Colin Powell Lost “Smoking Gun”

A spokesman for the US intelligence said after listening to taped negotiations between Iraqi generals that the USA has got everything that is required to scare Baghdad
A spokesman for the Iraqi government coordinating cooperation with UN weapons inspectors says Baghdad is sure that Washington is trying to fabricate evidence of Iraq’s having weapons of mass destruction. In his interview to BBC General Hosam Mohammed Amin said that US Secretary of State Colin Powell would present the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday with forged evidence demonstrating Iraq’s having weapons, at that he would say that the pictures were taken from the space or from some spy planes. Americans are at the same time perfectly sure that documents that Colin Powell is to present the UN Security Council on Wednesday are sensational. Colin Powell says he will present evidence proving the fact that Saddam Hussein is concealing prohibited weapons. To tell the truth, Mr. Powell is still not so much experienced at bluffing; probably he understands that he has lost and is paving the way for a retreat. The art of saving one’s face is the most important in politics. Colin Powell says that there will be no “smoking gun” in his report. It will be evidence concerning the weapons programs that Iraq is working so hard to hide and information proving that Saddam Hussein don’t provide cooperation that weapons inspectors need in Iraq.

Waiting for Wednesday, politicians indulge in verbal squabbles. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein declared the readiness to do away with millions of American soldiers. At a meeting with the Iraqi army command he said once again that Iraq would win the battle with the USA. Saddam’s youngest son Qusay Hussein, leader of the Republican Guards; Iraqi Defense Minister Sultan Hashem Ahmed and other officers were present at the session where Saddam Hussein said Iraq had no other choice but to fight. He said, if such was God’s will, the Iraqi people will wage a war and make a damnable enemy pay an exorbitant price. At the meeting Saddam gave orders to strengthen the alertness of the Iraqi Air Defence and warplanes in case of probable air attacks. Saddam warns Americans that US troops will be encircled and liquidated if they venture to land in Iraq. He adds that even if the strength of American troops will be several millions, Iraqi soldiers will all the same do away with the hostile forces. Saddam Hussein holds meetings with army officers almost every day in order to raise the spirits of the army confronted with the US aggression.

Dmitry Chirkin PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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