Russia's Industry Minister: 20 New Military Industrial Concerns Will Spring up in Russia in 2003

According to Ilya Klebanov, Russia's Minister of Industry, Science, and Technology, 18 to 20 new military industrial concerns should appear in Russia over the year 2003. The minister added that all 5 Russia's defence agencies, Rosaviakosmos first and foremost, would be busy creating such concerns.

Mr. Klebanov further said that, 'Today, President's directives as to the creation of about 45 military industrial concerns are close to being finalized.' According to the minister, all these companies will have been founded by January 1, 2006. There will be about a total of 70 military industrial companies controlled by the above 45 key holding structures. They will be engaged in creating the most advanced weapons and military technology. For once, the Sukhoi holding, jointly with MIG and Yakovlev will develop a 5th generation fighter, which, as Mr. Klebanov asserted, 'will definitely fly in 2008.'

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