Clothes With Anti-ageing Effect Become Popular

Specialists from Japanese company Kanebo Spinning Corp developed a fabric with special characteristics: the producer says that the innovation can protect skin from harmful effect of UV rays, which prevents early ageing of people.

This new fabric is called Nano Dew; it is produced in accordance with the company’s exclusive technology (a so-called nano-technology); it contains vitamin E and special enzymes. A new line of clothes mostly consisting of shifts and T-shirts has been already created with the usage of the Nano Dew technology. Clothes with anti-ageing effect will be soon available in any of Japan’s stores selling medical and cosmetic preparations. Such things may cost from 30 to 80 dollars.

It is highly likely that such clothes will be extremely popular among olive-skinned Japanese who are always trying to lead a healthy life. However, it is unlikely that anti-ageing clothes that protect our skin from UV rays will be also popular on the international markets: there is no need to offer people to get protected from UV rays at the time when majority of us prefer to attend solaria for having a smooth tan. The cult of tanned body still prevails in Europe. But it’s for sure that such clothes will be of great importance for those people who are prescribed to avoid much sun rays. But fashion is a cruel game for young and healthy people; and Nano Dew technology will be popular only among those people who have swarthy skin by birth until pail skin becomes fashionable again. Yelena Kiseleva PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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