Pentagon Admits its Troops are in Iraq

The Pentagon has admitted that it has troops in Iraq, although somewhat lamely, claimed that there were not many.

General Richard Myers, Chief of Staff of the US Armed Forces, admitted on Wednesday that “there are a few soldiers in the north of Iraq”. These are special forces and CIA operationals, engaged in training the Kurds for an incursion into areas outside their geographical homeland which will in turn create an ethnic nightmare in a post-Saddam pro-Washington Iraq.

“Reconnaissance missions” are being carried out, admits Washington. These missions probably also involve the British SAS (Special Air Service), which customarily begin their activity in a war weeks, or even months, before hostilities are declared.

Pravda.Ru contacts within the SAS confirm that reconnaissance activities can easily be termed as sabotage, murder or vandalism. The operationals operate deep inside enemy territory. They are trained to be invisible, often working by night and often under disguise. Many are chosen on an ethnic basis, for instance, Arabs are used in Arabic-speaking countries. They spy on the activities of the future enemy, backing up information from satellites. They pinpoint targets.

Nearer to the starting of hostilities, they cut power lines, interrupt distribution processes and if possible, murder key figures, while AWACS spread havoc among the communications of the target. Such are acts of terrorism.


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