Side by Side With Poltergeist

Some evil and sinister spirit, or some energy of unknown origin that is characterized with strange sounds and movement of things is called a poltergeist. The phenomenon was registered for the first time long ago: some evil spirit appeared in an alms-house in Moscow near the Ivanov monastery in 1666, it flung plates and dishes at dwellers of the monastery. The name “poltergeist” comes from German words meaning “to be noisy” and “to tap”; it was used for the first time in 1714 when a strange phenomenon was registered in Dortmund: a hail of stones fell upon the house of some Bertold Gerstman from a neighboring garden.

Poltergeist is studied by researchers of psychical phenomena and parapsychologists. There are volumes of surveys concerning mud and stone flinging, about flying domestic items, about loud sounds and even attempts of raping committed by poltergeist. There were instances when electric bulbs were suddenly unscrewed or several telephone numbers were dialed at the same time.

There was so much evidence accumulated concerning mischief of poltergeist that a group of ufologists decided to systematize the phenomenon scientifically. A researcher from the Russian city of Zhitomir, Sergey Deyneko suggested a variant of systematization of his own. He says that there are all kinds of poltergeist. They can be divided into three categories regarding the manner of their behavior: classical, childish and evil.

Sergey says that a classical poltergeist is active at periods when people are not at home; when they get back home, they see furniture turned upside-down and clothes burnt. About 80% of cases when poltergeist was registered belong to the classical category. Certainly it is difficult to say what exactly can organize such a pogrom; it is not ruled out that broken window glasses can be explained with revenge of some neighbors, and burnt clothes can be said to be childish pranks. Traditionally, poltergeist begins and stops suddenly. It may last from several months to several years, but usually it is not longer than one month.

Some poltergeists are very much devoted to people, it is a childish poltergeist that is attached to people as a child to his mother. For instance, one family had to move to some other city in order to get rid of a poltergeist that pursued the family; but the poltergeist followed the family to the family’s new place of residence. There were several instances registered when poltergeists moved from one place to another when people tried to get rid of a poltergeist.

Researchers say that very often the phenomenon of poltergeist is connected with some family member, often with a child or a teenager. It is proved by the fact that when this family member is away or asleep, the poltergeist is inactive. When a family member pursued by a poltergeist is in some other place, the poltergeist performs strange thing there as well: some things may ignite spontaneously, fall or move. A strange case was registered: when a boy pursued by a poltergeist came to his neighbors, a table in that house turned over by itself. These facts give every reason to believe that some reasonable power rules poltergeists. To tell the truth, they are not always well-disposed.

The phenomenon of evil poltergeist is very unpleasant. Evil poltergeists are very dangerous for people and often cause spontaneous ignition of things. It is strange but sometimes even non-inflammable materials, even asbestos insulators unexpectedly take fire!

There is also an automobile poltergeist; the phenomenon is well known to drivers: something is constantly clattering in a car despite the fact that the engine is in good repair. Drivers usually pay no attention to these sounds, which finally can cause troubles: such systematic sound may drive people to some hypnotic condition when traffic accidents are inevitable.

It is highly likely that the three above mentioned categories of poltergeist are different powers, but nobody can say what is behind the phenomenon. Unfortunately, we have no methods for fighting with poltergeist. Over so many years of living side by side with poltergeist, holy water and prayers were the only methods people use against poltergeist.

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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