London Police Search Mosques

The British people are against an army action in Iraq

Deadly poison ricin has been recently found in a London apartment, where Algerian people lived. This was an incident of the national scale. The finding of the poison resulted in active actions of protest in the country against potential terrorist groups. About 15 people have already been arrested. They are connected with the group, which produced the poison and planned to use it.

A mosque in the center of London was searched in the beginning of the week. However, Imam Abu Hanza al-Masri was not arrested, although his tough anti-Western statements made the mosque rather popular amid Islamic radicals. He just claimed that the search was of propaganda character, which was supposed to cause an adequate reaction amid British Muslims.

The siege of the mosque seized took place at 2 a.m. on Monday. A special police unit penetrated into the mosque and into two adjacent buildings, while helicopters were lighting the territory up. The police confiscated computers and documents. British people back the actions of the police. There are slogans like “those, who do not like Great Britain have to go!” British Prime Minister Tony Blair thinks that an attack on the part of Al-Qaida or other terrorist group was inevitable. He added that Great Britain was not an exception from the point of view of terrorist infrastructure. Blair said that there were terrorist activities in Great Britain, like in every country of the world. Recent arrests were a good proof of that. Blair added that it was important to do everything possible in order to show everyone the ties between the weapons of mass destruction and terrorist groups that did their best in order to undermine common people’s lives.

The external intelligence of Great Britain, the American CIA do not have any evidence to prove any connection between the Iraqi leadership and Al-Qaida. Nevertheless, Great Britain will support the USA in its military action against Saddam Hussein. Just in case, so to speak. Major British newspapers arranged numerous polls in order to find out the opinion of the British population. According the Guardian’s publications, 65% of respondents did not support even the idea of the war. The Daily Mail showed the similar statistics: 60% of respondents do not want to wage war with Saddam. British people think that an army action in Iraq might provoke army actions in the whole world. Massive anti-military demonstrations of protest are to take place in London on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Svetlana Tarasova London PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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