Transparency International: Struggle Against Corruption Very Dangerous

The international non-governmental organization Transparency International delivered a report on corruption expansion. The report presented in London says, total corruption level in the world has considerably reduced. At the same time, as member of the organization Jeremy Pope said in an interview to Ukraine’s Deutsche Welle, the situation with corruption in the former Soviet republic of Ukraine hadn’t improve.

Jeremy Pope compared the situation in Ukraine with that one in Belarus. He said: “Ukraine is “a black hole”. I don’t see much difference between Ukraine and Belarus. The whole of the world treats Belarus very strictly, everything going on in the country is strictly criticized. As a result of this attitude toward Belarus, Ukraine is more important from a geopolitical point of view, the world community treats Ukraine very graciously. However, my opinion is that both countries belong to the same group, both are bad.”

The spokesman for Transparency International says, main problem of Ukraine and other countries to the east of prospective borders of the European Union is that all of them have no exact goals for further development. He adds, the countries have no stimulus that would induce them to carry out reforms. LIGA online quotes the words of the man: “Corrupt elite of these countries are anxious only about their own enrichment.”

There is a national department of Transparency International operating in Ukraine, it is called Clean Hands. Jeremy Pope says, his Ukrainian colleagues have to work under very difficult conditions: “The Ukrainian authorities don’t like when they are criticized, that is why struggle with corruption is very dangerous there.”

Position of Transparency International coincides with opinion of Ukrainian people concerning authorities. A sociological poll was recently held by the institute of social researches and the Social Monitoring center in the country. Results of the poll revealed, 78% respondents are sure that majority of high-ranking officials are bribe takers and corrupt. 80% respondent think that Ukraine’s judicial system is venal as well. PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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