Communists against the War - 22 January, 2003 - News

After the summit in Buenos Aires, top leaders of 16 Communist Parties from Europe and Latin America renewed world's call for peace

Pictures of Lenin, Marx, Engels and Che Guevara ornament the main hall of Argentina's Communist Party headquarters. Around a red table, delegates from the powerful parties of Spain, Portugal, Cuba, France, Italy and Venezuela, among others, share fighting experiences and renew pledges against what they call "a new US imperial war in Middle East".

They know that after the fall of communism in Central and Eastern Europe people is very reluctant to listen to them. However, they insist: "in a world where two thirds of the population live in poverty, socialism is not only an old fashioned political project, is a necessity".

During the seminar titled "Crisis of Capitalism and Socialist Alternative", orthodox and more updated voices could be heard. However, all of them agreed to denounce and fight the bellicose policy of the United States of America to sort out Capitalism's global crisis and to coordinate international actions to offer a popular alternative to the electorate.

The General Secretary of the Communist Party of Spain, Francisco Frutos, called for the union of the left-wing forces to "build up a peaceful political and social development for the world." In turn, Patricio Echegaray, chairman of the Argentine Communist Party, made a similar appeal: "The left has to do what all the world is asking us to do: to create an anti-imperialist front to end not only with neo-liberalism, but with the whole capitalistic system".

With the above in mind, each one of the delegates offered a picture of what is going on in their countries, from a communist point of view.

Reinaldo Carvalho, from the Communist Party of Brazil expressed his satisfaction with the process opened by Lula's victory in the South American Country. However, remarked that changes are expected to take place gradually as not only left-wing forces are part of Lula's Government.

More radical was the speech of the Venezuelan representative, Oscar Figueroa, who explained the situation of his country. "Nowadays, there is an extraordinary offensive of the Venezuelan people against the fascist conspiracy headed by the oligarchy and supported by the US Government", said Figueroa.

Other hot spot is the crisis in Colombia. The General Secretary of the Communist Party of Colombia, Jaime Caycedo, made know to PRAVDA.Ru that Government's appeal for a US military invasion to fight guerrillas is "contrary to the opinion of country's democratic forces and threats Colombia's freedom."

Fausto Bertinoti, from Italy, Albano Nunes, from Portugal remarked, together with the Greek and Spanish representatives, the rising of social protest in Europe and the new favorable scenario provided by the new pacifist and anti-globalization movements in the old continent.

The next meeting is scheduled for September 2003 in Chile, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the coup against the Socialist Government of this South American country.

Hernan Etchaleco PRAVDA.Ru Argentina

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