Exposed: US plan to assassinate Saddam Hussein

The United States of America has around 100 special forces personnel and some 60 CIA operationals working inside Iraq, aiding their colleagues in the air and outside the country in control stations to locate the Iraqi leadership and if possible, to assassinate Saddam Hussein, according to press sources in the USA.

USA Today quotes the Drudge report in stating that the USA is mounting a secret operation to kill the President of Iraq. Meanwhile, the military build-up in the Gulf continues, the United Kingdom having committed a quarter of its armed forces, to accompany the considerable force already in the area, or on its way, sent by Washington.

The idea that the USA or UK would accept an exile of the Iraqi leader, in exchange for peace, was classified as “stupidity” by Baghdad, which has increased its cooperation with the UNO inspection teams (UNMOVIC) and the International Atomic Energy Agency. A ten-point plan has been agreed, which includes an explanation by Baghdad why certain materials were not included in the 12,000-page report sent to the UN Security Council, due to omissions under pressure to classify twenty years of weapons purchases, more information on empty warheads and further data on aluminium tubes which could be used for nuclear weapons programmes.

The fact remains that the UNO is doing its job and is making progress. The fact remains that the Iraqi administration is cooperating, facilitating access for the UNMOVIC and IAEA teams to whatever installations they wish to inspect.

To threaten war is paramount to bullying, to attempt to assassinate a President who has been democratically elected by his people is an act of terrorism. It is surprising that after 11th September, the USA has turned full circle, from a victim of terrorism to a perpetrator of terrorist activities.

Times may change but habits remain. The constant (failed) attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro, the successful murder of Salvador Allende, Operation Condor...times may change but habits remain.


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