Communists of the World Get Together in Buenos Aires

Top party leaders from 15 countries meet to coordinate new action programs in Argentina's Capital City
To celebrate its 85th anniversary, the Communist Party of Argentina organized in Buenos Aires an international seminar titled "Crisis of Capitalism and Socialist Alternative". In the summit, sponsored by the Foundation of Marxist Research, linked to the Spanish Communist Party, communist delegates will discuss the basis of new action plans to come back to relevant positions in the global political scenario after the defeats of the 1990's.

"The opportunity for the left is now", pointed out the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Argentina, Patricio Echegaray, during a statement addressed to more than 1000 people at the gates of the headquarters in Buenos Aires. "We have to look for unity to make real Rose Luxembourg's words: Socialism or Capitalistic barbarism", emphasized Echegaray.

The list of participants includes Communist Party leaders from Spain, Portugal, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. Other participants are representatives of France, Italy, Greece, Cuba, Chile and Brazil.

Venezuela's delegate is one of the most expected participants as Mr. Oscar Figuera is the General Secretary of the Communist Party and a close advisor of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez. Left wing organizations from El Salvador and the Dominican Republic also sent delegates to the summit.

The celebrations of the 85th anniversary of the Communist Party of Argentina started on Saturday, when international delegates spoke to the assistance. Speakers remarked the advances of the left-wing organizations in Latin America, including the new governments supported by communists, of Brazil and Ecuador. They also expressed loyalty to Chavez in Venezuela, honored Cuba's Revolution and warned on US military plans for Colombia and the Dominican Republic.

Celebrations ended with the classical Internationale Anthem, while red flags waved before the astonished neighbors, who thought for a while that Moscow had moved to Buenos Aires.

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