Colombia's President Asks Washington for Military Intervention Into His Country

Amazing declarations of Alvaro Uribe during the assumption ceremony of Ecuador's President in Quito
The liberal President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, addressed an open invitation to Washington to launch a military operation to end the country's long running internal conflict. "Drug traffic and terrorism are potentially a larger threat than Iraq and should be challenged through a similar military deploy than the one in the Persian Gulf", said Uribe to the international press in Quito.

Uribe explained that democratic nations mobilize to challenge Iraq regime's threat and will gather a 250.000 men force. "Why not to think of a similar force to put an end to this problem, which may have serious consequences", said Colombiaґs Head of State.

Uribe insisted: "Our problem may be more serious than Iraq, because our conflict may end with the Amazonian rainforest".

There are many questions about Uribe's words. Does he know what a large scale US military intervention means? Does he want an open war to end with the crisis? Doesn't he know that such an action may end with Colombia as a nation?

Also: Didn't he imagine Lula's face after hearing such declarations? Brazil is a Colombian neighbor country and in several occasions strongly refused any attempt of intervention from Washington in the Amazonian jungle.

There is only one certain thing. Uribe is concerned about US focus on the war against Iraq. He is afraid Washington will lose interests on Colombian affairs during the Gulf crisis.

There is an evidence of this. The United States has cut off aid to a Colombian Air Force unit suspected in the killing of 17 civilians more than four years ago. The State Department decided to revoke the human rights certification of the First Aerial Command Unit. The de-certification means the unit can no longer receive U.S. aid or buy American munitions. It was not clear how much aid the unit had received.

The Government is afraid this decision may extend to the whole National Army, very many times held liable on such actions.

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Photo: Alvaro Uribe Velez, President of Colombia shook the world with his declarations

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