Russian Government Issues Warnings to Radical Parties

While the Bank of Russia issues a new coin, depicting satanic images

The end of the past year and the beginning of the current one are remarkable for the unusual prosperity of political activity in tiny pseudo-patriotic structures. There has been a project set up, for example, which is called the United Radical People’s Party. The promotion of the new organization is in full swing at the moment. The whole process takes place with the participation of such political groups as the National Bolshevik Party, the People’s Social Work Party, the Movement Against Slander and Corruption, the Civic Position Movement, and others.

According to the information from the news agency Desnitsa, the new project is coordinated by a man named Aleksey Romanov. Another event, which is worth mentioning in this respect, is the fact that resigned army officers keep joining various political structures. This event is also typical for the beginning of the current year, although the press did not pay much attention to it.

The St.Petersburg department of the Russian Patriotic Party was registered on December 25th, 2002. Colonel in Reserve Petrov was elected its chairman. Russian former Defense Minister Igor Rodionov also takes a high position in the same party as well. The goal of the Russian Patriotic Party is to make Russia become the leader of the so-called historic process. The program of the party does not mention a word about another patriotic movement – the Cossacks, which caused a negative reaction on their part.

The Constituent Assembly of the Russian National Conservative Party took place in Moscow on December 21-22. It was decided that the state construction must be conducted on the base of the Orthodox religion with a view to retrieve the empire with the autocratic monarch at the head. In the meantime, the Justice Ministry of Russia issued a written warning to the Russian National Sovereign Party concerning the inadmissibility of extremist activities. The ministry asked to remove the violations that had taken place. Desnitsa news agency reported, the party should express its position regarding the statement, which was made by co-chairman Boris Mironov. In the interview to the newspaper Moscow News, Boris Mironov stated that the Russian citizens, who do not have ethnic Russian roots, should be deprived of election rights. Mironov mentioned that the same measure should be done towards Jews. The Justice Ministry of Russia believes that Boris Mironov called upon the nationality-based violation of constitutional rights of the Russian citizens. His words are qualified as an attempt to incite national hostility and to humiliate the national dignity. Boris Mironov’s actions violate Article 32 of the Russian Federation Constitution, as well as Article 1 of the Federal Law “About the Counteraction to Extremist Activities.” Here is another piece of curious information from the same news agency. “The Bank of Russia issued a silver coin of three rubles on January 4th, 2003. A coin depicts the image of a goat – the symbol of the year 2003. There is a double eagle on the front side of it, while the reverse side depicts a crescent and the relief image of a goat’s head. A crescent and a goat’s head are the symbolic images and worship objects for sodomites, satanists and Templars. There will be 15 thousand coins like that produced. It has already become an official means of payment.

It is interesting that Vladimir Putin was given a living goat as a New Year present. Why would Russian coins have an image of a goat on them? Isn’t there enough of them amid people?

On the photos: The front and the reverse sides of the new Russian coin

Vitaly Bratkov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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