Communist Terrorists Arrested in Ukraine

A group of young men was detained on the suspicion to conduct a series of acts of terrorism

The Ukrainian Security Service (USS) announced about the detention of eleven members of a terrorist group in December of the past year. The nabbed people conducted subversive activities on the territory of Ukraine and Russia. It was also informed that the criminals planned to carry out a series of explosions in Ukraine. In addition to that, it became known that the terrorists were allegedly the members of the Ukrainian Komsomol Organization (Komsomol is a youth division of the communist party). The USS said that the terrorists showed an armed resistance during their detention. As a result, one agent of the special service was wounded. The Ukrainian Special Service searched the apartment, in which the young people hid. The agents found hand-made bombs, grenades, guns and a lot of cartridges. They all planned to use those weapons for their acts of terrorism.

Another statement from the press department of the Ukrainian Special Service has been released recently. It was said that the charges have been brought against the nabbed terrorists. The criminal case is currently investigated by the investigation department of the USS. Eleven people are called into criminal account on such articles of the Criminal Code as a terrorist act, an attempt on a law-enforcement officer’s life, handling illegal weapons and bombs. It was ruled that all those people used violent methods in their activity, as well as participated in the preparation of several crimes. The investigation has already determined that the members of the criminal group conducted subversive activities on the territory of both Russia and Ukraine. For example, they attacked jewelry stores, currency exchanges and pawn shops. They needed money and other valuable things in order to purchase weapons and make bombs. They are also charged with an armed attack in a shop in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, when a salesgirl was killed. The charges also include an attempted murder of two police officers in the city of Nikolayev (they suffered from serious gun wounds). They are also charged with arranging the explosion near the administrative building of the Ukrainian Security Service in Kiev in October of 2002.

The Bureau of the Central Committee of the Lenin Communist Youth Union of Ukraine released its own statement in connection with the arrest of a group of its active members. The statement runs that the Komsomol Organization and its Marxism ideology denies terrorism as a method of political struggle. It was mentioned that a hidden political motive was obvious in the investigation of the case. “The methods of investigation are of clearly illegal character. The parents of the arrested young people claim that their children are tortured, get beaten, they are virtually deprived of the help of a lawyer. One of the arrested young men, Oleg Alekseyev beat out his own eye, trying to commit suicide,” runs the statement from the Komsomol Organization of Ukraine.

In the opinion of the Komsomol movement members, the indictment does not have any reasonable fact to prove the terrorist version of the investigation. Communist Party members believe that the whole event happened with a goal of a political provocation against the opposition of Ukraine. The Bureau of the Central Committee of the Lenin Communist Youth Union of Ukraine demanded all the detained people should be released and acquitted. They also require to conduct an independent investigation of USS’s actions against the arrested young men, to set up a public control over the investigation of the case.

It is hard to say, whose side will the public opinion take. It is hard to believe the “terrorist essence” of the Ukrainian Komsomol, taking into consideration the fact that the Ukrainian Security Service does not have an immaculate reputation. The USS has recently arrested a group of elderly people, pensioners, who allegedly united in order to overthrow the current constitutional regime in Ukraine. The USS seriously asserted that elderly people were going to deploy a tank unit in Kiev and enforce tanks with battle-planes in order to retrieve the Soviet power in Ukraine. This was, probably, the same goal to pursue, when the USS announced that the pensioners were determined to blow up a dam of the Kiev Hydroelectric Station, and even Chernobyl nuclear plant reactors. The court believed the delirium and brought down a sentence against the pensioners. Was there anyone, who believed all that? Now Ukrainian law-enforcement bodies will have to spend a lot of their efforts in order to prove their rightfulness.

Andrey Lubensky PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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